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The Earlwood Business Chamber is a progressive, non for profit organization, dedicated to supporting local business activities and working with the whole community to develop the economic growth of the area. It exists to encourage the Earlwood business community to work together to achieve results – results which cannot be achieved as individuals. It is a strictly non-political body that is financially independent and provides members with the opportunity to enhance their interests, network for profit and improve the prosperity of the community.

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  • Bringing Our Communities Together

The Chamber is for a not-for-profit group of independent local businesses, dedicating their time and expertise for the purpose of promoting our community to build a strong economy, provide exposure for our members and their businesses, to recognise business achievement and excellence to act as an advocate on behalf of businesses, networking and shop locally, to represent and liaise the interests of business with Government.

Members of the Chamber are people who own or operate a business in the Earlwood and surrounds.

Regular events are held for members to allow them to network with each other, develop their skills and share ideas. The Chamber also runs specific events or campaigns during the year.

Chamber members believe that a vibrant, successful business community is essential for the community as a whole and contributes greatly to the area being a great place to live and/or work.




After 6 years as Bank Manager at the local Westpac Branch, George founded Mortgage Navigators more than 19 years ago and is now also the licensee of Property Navigators Earlwood. This experience has earnt George an extensive knowledge of the local businesses. “Earlwood needs a clear vision and the guidance of a professional body to engage with local businesses and council.” George encourages the local businesses to engage with other business leaders. This will ensure we understand and adapt to the changes needed that will enhance the community and our local Business District. George is a proud local Business owner and a dedicated advocate in making Earlwood a destination of choice for both businesses and the wider community.



Christina is a long time member of the Earlwood Community, Publicity Officer for the local Chamber of Commerce and actively involved for a number of years. Recognised in a lengthy list of local and national awards, together with her husband Christina built Christina’s Community Pharmacy that continues to service the Earlwood community today. Christina connects with people from many multicultural backgrounds particularly the Greek and Australian communities.



Violet has been an Instrumental figure within the Earlwood Community. We are very proud to be the recipient of all her selfless and valuable hours. Over the many years serving The Earlwood Business Chamber, Violet is so proud of her greatest accomplishment, is being a wife and mother. Violet is an active Rotarian in the Campsie chapter of Rotary as well as a Justice of the Peace. Her Integrity and Excellent Customers Service Over the years has benefited the greater Community. “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” ― Lao Tzu This exemplifies Violet’s passion and belief as to make a difference In Earlwood and its Community.



Peter from early beginnings as a local Earlwood boy walking to Undercliffe Public School, in1988 he went into the family real estate practice founded by his late father Harry Peyiotis. Where he has advised, worked with and fostered a good long standing relationship with his clients, some of whom have been working together for over 30 years. Peter has assisted in various guises over the years,

In particular assisted to secure housing for community members who have been undergoing cancer treatment and liaise with various government bodies in doing so, he has also helped place newly arrived migrants into housing that may not have been readily available to them, and on a fun note has been the Salvation Army’s Santa on a bike for the last number of years.



John has worked over 20 years in the Printing Industry. He thrives on networking understanding his clients through Print Media, Marketing and Sales.

John is the manager of the Inner West Times and has has been working in Earlwood for the last seven years. In That time he has built a strong connection with the Earlwood Community. With John’s experience and passion he has built strong relationships and has helped local businesses grow. Through listening to customers needs and together helping them grow and prosper into successful businesses through print media and Digital printing.



Kathy has been a business owner in the area for 25 years as a director of Design Studio 407, an architectural practice that she runs with her husband Elias. Kathy has been part of the business chamber for a number of years, having acted as Secretary a few years ago. She is also a Justice of the Peace who likes to work with the local community to make Earlwood a great price to live and work. She is always happy to assist locals with any queries they may have with development in the area and has had many years of experience in Local Government matters.



Elias has been a business owner in the area for 25 years as a director of Design Studio 407, an architectural practice he runs with his wife Kathy. Elias is a former President of the Earlwood Business Chamber and was also an elected member of the Canterbury Council Economic Development Committee which addressed Council on local matters related to Earlwood and was the voice for the Chamber at Council meetings. His experience with Local Government and Planning Laws has been a great asset to the Chamber.

Since 1983, the Earlwood Business Chamber has been representing the local businesses of earlwood and it’s surrounding suburbs.